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Happy Monday! This week, we sat down to chat with Anh-Tho Chuong, a member of our Strategy and Special Projects team. Anh-Tho started her career in telecommunications in Paris and Dubai. It was here where she grew her passion for technology, user-centered innovation, and about how for-profit tech businesses can lead to greater and sustainable social impact: working on mobile money services for the unbanked in Kinshasa (DR Congo), taking assignments on designing services that address female needs in Colombia and Tanzania.

She now manages strategy at Mailjet and is one of the resident foodies who leads the team to delicious lunch spots in the Sentier area.

What do you do at Mailjet?

My role at Mailjet can be broken into two main responsibilities. I manage analysis, which mainly consists of pricing and international development, and product strategy, which involves researching the marketplace and meeting clients to collect feedback. All of these things come together in helping me manage cross-functional projects and work out the product roadmap for the IT team.

What does a typical day look like for you?

On Monday mornings or Friday nights, I put together a to-do list of my goals for the week and tasks I’d like to accomplish. Then I meet with the rest of the teams to catch up and incorporate more things into my to-do list! But really, as cliche as it is, every day is different. What I like most is how quickly you can see the impact of your work here at Mailjet. The work I do on a day-to-day basis gives me a chance to participate in the vision of our brand and I also have my hands in part of the implementation.

Most memorable Mailjet moment?

During my first days at Mailjet I saw that the team worked hard and were really into the work, but sometime in the afternoon, they would break out the games (and the nerf guns) and start playing! It was so good to see that we could be serious but also have fun. You also wouldn’t expect such great diversity in such a small company. This is the kind of culture I love.

How do you see the product evolving over the next few months/years?

We already have a solid set of email testing features, with our most recent product update rolling out just last week. But looking further into the future, I see the product evolving to address individual industry needs or “jobs to be done”.

Mailjet Monday- Anh-Tho Chuong

An example of this would be non-profits, beyond having a product that just helps deliver their weekly newsletters, the needs we’d like to address are ‘how to raise more money through email’ or  ‘how to use email to motivate people to take part in offline events’. The goal is to further immerse ourselves in the shoes of our users and design seamless journeys that have direct impact on just their business, but their community. Exciting stuff to come!

Thanks for the interview, Anh-Tho!

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