Mylène Blin


Barely two months after the announcement about Mandrill becoming an add-on to a paying MailChimp account, time has come for its users to say goodbye to Mandrill as an independent tool for transactional emails, and embrace MailChimp or a new provider.

Oddly enough, MailChimp’s move regarding Mandrill is following an expected industry trend. Allowing users to manage and send marketing and transactional emails from one single platform makes sense, as it can provide users who need both features with a seamless emailing experience. At Mailjet, we are quite aware of that -that’s why we had taken this exact direction from our early days on. From when we were founded in 2010 to when we went live in 2012, we have given our customers the ability to use a complete solution for all their email needs, be it transactional or marketing, with a pricing only based on their volume of sending.

Now that MailChimp has followed suit to provide a similar solution with the integrated Mandrill add-on, let’s see how Mailjet compares to it as an alternative.


Price isn’t everything, but every little helps

With Mandrill becoming a paid add-on to a MailChimp account, the billing of transactional services changes quite dramatically. It also becomes rather complicated, with a multi-tier pricing, also depending on whether you send only transactional or bulk emails, or both.

On the other hand, our pricing at Mailjet is simple and straightforward, and it’s based on volume only – you don’t pay additional fees for storing contacts, for example. As a result, our tariffs are really competitive.

Let’s take a look at a quick comparison of what you would be paying for the same volume of transactional emails per month at Mailjet vs MailChimp + Mandrill (that too, we’re only talking about transactional emails):


By switching to Mailjet, you’ll be saving at least 80% (up to 300%) when compared to Mandrill’s new pricing within MailChimp. Need we say more?


Developers, we’ve got your back

We love developers. To start with, unlike MailChimp who gives you a restricted access to its API, ours is free, designed with developers experience in mind and accessible to everyone, whether you subscribe to a Platinum account or just use Mailjet for free. And, since we love all developers, we have come up with a step by step documentation in 6 programming languages, to make sure, whatever your favorite programming language is, you won’t have to struggle to use us. You can start playing around and get up and running in no time!

We also know that for many developers and email integrators, coding responsive email is extremely long and painful. When MailChimp just offers a complicated and technical solution within their platform to code responsive emails outside of pre-made templates, we bring you MJML, the first email markup language. MJML is an open source project that helps you developing beautiful responsive emails easily, thanks to a library of components.


Sending campaigns ? Don’t just send better emails, send smarter emails

If you’re sending marketing emails, you need the right features to do it with. Sure, MailChimp brings you the traditional ones, like a drag-and-drop tool, regular reporting, and an A/B Testing feature. At Mailjet, we’re constantly innovating and developing new features that will help marketers go that extra mile and produce better results.

Here’s a quick snapshot: We know how creative you can get when designing emails, and how hard it is to select just the right version to send while making wild guesses about their future performance. So, instead of offering you to just A/B a handful of versions, we let you test 10 versions with our A/X Testing feature. Yep, 10 different emails for one campaign. No crystal ball needed anymore. You can target specific Call-to-actions, design or subject lines and know exactly what works best with your customers.

And there’s more: going further in optimising your campaigns, there are a ton of information you can tap into to improve your campaigns. If only you had the capacity to compare your past campaigns. Unlike MailChimp, we provide you with a Campaign Comparison tool: select the campaigns that you have sent (2 or more) and Mailjet will show you visually how each of them performed against the other. All you need is right there, in one complete dashboard. Now what do you say? It’s time to start sending more intelligent campaigns!


Try Mailjet now for free and see for yourself: you can get much better than monkeys while still paying peanuts ?

If you’re ready to switch from MailChimp, have a look at our guide; if you’re coming straight from Mandrill, we have you covered with this extensive migration documentation.