Jeremy Viault


Here at Mailjet, we strongly believe that good email marketing comes from knowing and listening to your customers. We work tirelessly on building new ways for you to stay ahead of the curve and deliver top notch content. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re rolling out new Segmentation tools that will allow you to slice and dice customer groups with deeper insights. You will be able to segment contact lists based on historical activity such as opens and clicks.

This feature is available for Premium users, as part of our continued initiative to build out a more flexible Segmentation experience. Premium users currently also have the ability to segment sends based on customer demographic information they collect, such as gender, age, location or even past purchases.

Segmentation on open and click EN 1

Segmentation on open and click EN 2

Finding the right frequency

As a consumer, there’s nothing more frustrating than receiving daily updates that you don’t have the time to read. Sending too frequently can cause customers to become unengaged, but sending not frequently can also put them at risk of forgetting your brand. Either way, lack of customer engagement is a threat because quality of content is one indicator ISPs measure in determining sender reputation. Segmenting contacts by historical open or click activity, you can arrange campaigns to be sent with a custom cadence, depending on how frequently customers are likely to tune in.

Winning back those inactive customers

Easily identify inactive customers from within your Mailjet account. Segment email addresses that have not opened and/or clicked within a defined period and win them back with a re-engagement campaign. Remember, the definition of an inactive customer is different from industry to industry, product to product. You also have to factor into consideration your email program’s average engagement and what it means to engage.

Continuing to message inactive contacts will not only hurt your sender reputation, but you are wasting time and money crafting email content that will go unrecognized.

Making your dashboard go the extra mile

Currently, all users have access to a fully comprehensive dashboard to track the performance of your sends. This gives peace of mind that your campaigns are sent, or allows you to troubleshoot if necessary.

With this new update, you can combine several Contact Activity and Properties values to create a custom query of your liking. You can also save this segmentation for later use, on another campaign.

We have backlogged behavioral data from April 9, 2015 onward. Try out these new segmentation features today or sign up for or upgrade to a Premium Plan and get started within minutes!