Thomas Hajdukowicz


These past few weeks have been rough to the emailing community. A few days ago, we lost our spiritual father, Ray Tomlinson, inventor of the email, who set the “@” sign as an emailing norm. And for 15 days now, many senders of transactional email are looking for a new partner as they migrate away from Mandrill as announced big changes policy and pricing.

After their announcement, as one of their main European competitiors, Mailjet is an obvious Mandrill alternative. Because of our great community, our name started popping on the social networks:

And a few days later, we welcomed our first ex-Mandrill users:

Thanks for riding with us, but what can you expect next?

For those Manrill user’s who are looking at migrating from their service to ours, have a look at our comparison page to understand what are our values and strenghts. Like what you see? Good! We also have a migration guide for a flawless switch and to start sending your transactional emails with Mailjet. It is available in 6 different languages (PHP, Node, Ruby, Python, Go and JAVA), so you should be covered.

By subscribing to Mailjet, you also benefit from our transactional suite. Of course, you can use our APIs and SMTP servers but we have specific transactional services that will help you work better between the different team within your company. Passport for transactional allows non technical profiles (like Marketers or Sales) to conceive and edit your transactional email templates easily. With our Templating Language, developers can create dynamic and personalized emails directly through our API in a snap. And of course, designing and integrating transactional email has never been so simple with MJML, the new markup language to create responsive emails without losing time trying to figure out HTML.

So, what are you waiting for? Need a helping hand in migrating? Get in touch with us.

We’ve put together a rich API documentation with the same layout as that of Mandrill
to help you with the migration process.

Need to change from Mailchimp to Mailjet? Consult our page!

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