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Stay up to date about email with our press review. Here are the posts we’ve picked especially for you this week!

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1) Deliverability: Warming Up Your IP Address in Four Steps
Just like you have to break in the engine of a new car, you also have to warm up IP addresses first. Email providers don’t know you yet, and you have to gradually work on the email reputation of your new IP address to gain their trust.

2) 10 things that will destroy an email marketing program
Your consumers are empowered by their choices, with their devices, and have the ability to leave you with a click of a button. Here are 10 things that concern them and can force them off your list.

3) 10 Tips on How to Identify a Phishing or Spoofing Email
Two single dollar bills is all it costs for a hacker to create an email pretending to be from your trusted retailer or bank, asking for your login details, and instantaneously obtaining your confidential information.

4) Did You Know 144.8 Billion Emails Are Sent Every Day
We all send and receive a lot of email. In fact, a report earlier this year indicated that workers spend 28% of their time in their inbox.

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[ Posted Thu, 16 May 2013 14:55:34 ]