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Stay up to date about email with our press review. Here are the posts we’ve picked especially for you this week!

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1) Trap Tips: Avoiding and Removing Spam Traps
Spam traps come in two flavors: pristine and recycled; one is more hazardous than the other, but both will negatively impact a Sender’s reputation.

2) Is Your Email Subject Line Creative… or Deceptive?
Where does the line get drawn between a creative, compelling email subject line and one that is deceptive (and possibly illegal)?

3) Website Content Builds Email Marketing Lists
80 percent of surveyed business professionals say they generate half of their sales from email content, but that their strategies aren’t as defined as they could be.

4) How to Get People to Open Your Emails
5 very easy things you can do to increase your email open rate.

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[ Posted Thu, 25 Apr 2013 13:19:00 ]