Building an email consisting solely of images is a tempting practice; it can greatly reduce development time … and in some cases, it can increase the open rate of an email campaign (insofar as it is calculated when the images are displayed).

Deliverability Advice- Avoid image-only Emails

However, as you may already know, many email clients and webmails block images by default. So, if your email contains only images, neither the message nor call-to-action will be displayed, so you have drastically reduced the effectiveness of your actions.

In addition, spammers have long used images in order to conceal certain keywords.

To summarize, creating emails consisting solely of images is a bad idea because:

 – This is what spammers do;

It does not help the immediate comprehension of the email’s content;

Conclusion: images in your emails should never represent more than 50% of the email’s surface. The ideal is to stay below 30%.

[ Posted Fri, 24 May 2013 15:10:57 ]