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If you’re like us, you probably started fantasizing about that delicious Thanksgiving spread, as soon as you started working on your holiday email campaigns. Knowing how soon Thanksgiving will be here makes it easy to forget about email while getting lost in a daydream about your future plate (Mmmm…turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce ?).

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He’s got the right idea ?

The truth is, your subscribers are likely being bombarded with emails telling them to buy products. Instead of only capitalizing on the holiday season to make more sales, why not use this time of year to show your customers just how much you appreciate them? Try our tips, and you, and your customers, will be feeling that warm and fuzzy feeling that only a Thanksgiving email can bring.

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Keep it simple

Be the calm in your subscriber’s holiday inbox storm. Try sending an email just to say “Thank You,” and hold off on the salesy talk for just a little while. Your friendly email will remind your customers why they subscribed to you in the first place, and, as a result, you may actually influence them to make a purchase.

Don’t go overboard on the design, either. A simple email with personalization can go a long way to make your subscribers feel appreciated. Of course, with the holidays comes the opportunity for fun imagery, so we won’t judge if you want to crank up the cheese factor a bit.

Thanksgiving Email campaign

 The links in this “Thank You” email make it easy for the customer to shop without being pushy.

Reward your most loyal customers

Where would you be without those wonderful repeat clients? Take the time to create a Thanksgiving email just for your best customers. You can throw in an exclusive offer to show them how special they are to your business, or just a chance to double their rewards on holiday purchases. Since your customers will probably be more interested in having their faces full of turkey on Thanksgiving day, try to give them a little extra time to redeem the special promotion.

Thanksgiving Email Campaign

A fun Thanksgiving themed rewards email for loyal customers

Remind your subscribers about your cause

If your brand supports a particular cause, Thanksgiving is a great time to show your customers what their purchases or donations have accomplished. Since the holidays often inspire people to give back, telling your customers about your cause can also increase support for your cause. Of course, showing that your brand is also making a difference is a great way to inspire loyalty with your consumers.


Showing your customers the faces of people they’ve helped is a great way to build a connection to your cause.

Capitalize on the holiday spirit

Why not use your Thanksgiving email as a chance to send a special welcome to your newest subscribers? Let them know that even though you haven’t known each other for long, you’re happy they’ve decided to join your list. You could send them a personalized message from a leader in your company or just a friendly picture of your team with a nice note. This is a great way to start building your relationship with your new customers and to give them more insight into your brand’s personality.

You can also use the holiday to send a reactivation email to your old contacts that haven’t been active for a while. You can always remind them that despite drifting apart, you’re thankful for them. Since consumers expect to receive more emails around the holidays, you might just reignite that old flame with the ones that got away.  

Thanksgiving email campaign

Remind your customers that you’re still here for them, even if they’ve wandered away.

Add a Black Friday mention

Like we said, it’s great to let your customers know you appreciate them without asking them to make a purchase. You may also want to throw in a quick reminder about your Black Friday sale, since your customers will be ready to do some serious shopping after recovering from that food coma.

amazon thanksgiving email

Add a subtle link to remind customers that your Black Friday sale is starting soon.

And there you have it: the simplest way to let your contacts know you care. Taking time to remind your subscribers that you appreciate them is sure to put a smile on their faces (in between plates, of course). Your customers will feel fuzzy, full and ready to shop ‘til they drop after receiving your Thanksgiving email.

Are you sending a special “Thank You” email to your subscribers this holiday? Share your ideas with us on Twitter by using #MailjetThanksgiving.


Want to define your email strategy to win customers over this holiday season? Check out Mailjet’s Ultimate Guide To Holiday Emailing.

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