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From now through the end of 2015, we’ll be collecting your most burning email questions on strategy, deliverability, design and more through our Holiday Email Toolkit. Each week, we’ll draw one question to feature here on the blog. Want your question answered in our next Ask An Email Marketer? Head on over to submit it on our Holiday Email Toolkit.

We received a great question this week through our Holiday Toolkit. The next few weeks are crucial for sales – many companies are testing out new call-to-actions, design, and promotions to capture the most engagement possible. Amidst all of that fresh content is a lot of trial-and-error – how do you avoid making blunders that might cost your email strategy?

If we had to highlight one mistake to look out for, it would be inconsistency. Remember to be consistent. ISPs (Gmail, AOL, Yahoo) recognize you by your sending patterns, such as sending frequency and email template. We touched on why this is important in a previous Ask An Email Marketer.

Since we’re just about getting to the heart of the holiday season now, we’d recommend pulling back on the temptation to switch things up too much. Instead, focus on what your customers are asking for more of instead of the instinct to just be louder for the sake of standing out. Perhaps your customers are simply looking for warmer colors as opposed to cooler colors or landscape photos instead of portrait shots – incorporating these points will be much more effective than switching out the entire email template.


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