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The best ideas are always borrowed ones with a twist – just ask Shakespeare. (You might be waiting a while for his reply though).

Borrow from:

Your competition. Take a look at what your competitors are doing this holiday season. Use a whiteboard to brainstorm how you can reinvent their past and current ideas. Which channels and pieces of content are most successful for them? Remember, their existing customers are your potential ones, so take notes on how they engage their target audience.

Your daily life. Look for inspiration outside of the office. Put your commute to good use and look at the advertisements around you – which capture your attention? Which part would you like to emulate – the design, tone of voice, promotional ideas?




Us! Use our Content Brainstorm Worksheet to map out your course, focus your radar and turbo-charge your holiday strategy. Put yourself in the Mailjet frame of mind by popping on our Holiday Playlist. Listening to music is a great way to boost productivity.

Use these tips to keep your campaigns fresh this holiday season. We can’t wait to see what original holiday content you come up with. Happy sending!


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Holiday Emailing Guide