Denise Chan


All too often we see companies switching Email Service Providers as they grow, only to be met with unintended side effects of managing this tricky migration. Anthony Marnell, Vice President of North America, recently wrote a piece for Marketing Profs addressing common mistakes that can be avoided to make migrating pain-free and valuable.

Good news: your company’s email list had a recent growth spurt. You’re sending more email than ever — to a larger audience—and with all that growth it’s time to consider a new email service provider (ESP).

CMOs and CTOs looking to upgrade ESPs too often meet with frustration, however, because migration to a new platform can be tricky—and it can have a deeply positive or negative impact on a company’s sender reputation and ultimately on customer communications.
Because email is a major channel that companies rely on for generating revenue, mistakes can have a lasting impact on your bottom line.
To safely navigate your migration, we’ve compiled a list of five common blunders. By avoiding these five mistakes, marketers and tech teams will save hours of work and ensure a positive outcome.
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