Subscription Widget

Create your subscription widget easily and expand your contact lists. Users who subscribe via your widget are automatically added to the contact list that you have selected. The Mailjet widget offers a native double opt-in which guarantees your recipients’ interest – an essential prerequisite for your reputation as a sender and GDPR.


Our various support teams assist you in setting up your emailing strategy. Our support service is available 24/7 for any questions about the use of Mailjet. If you would like more in-depth support, you may also contact our deliverability and API experts.

Dedicated IP

We can provide you with your own dedicated email marketing server, complete with a unique static IP address. Our technicians take care of all the technical details and your server is delivered ready for you to use. Stop worrying about your sender reputation being affected by the sites in your server network neighborhood and start using the full power and flexibility of your own IP address!

Automation Workflow

Gone are the days when automating an email strategy was for large companies with big budgets and a dedicated team. Our drag and drop tool makes it easy to create automated scenarios. Create a trigger, add your emails, define delays between each… And you’re good to go!


Segmenting a contact list lets you easily group customers with similar interests and behaviors. Maybe you’ll find that customers who interact with your product on a daily basis like to check their email at night, or that big spenders prefer shorter subject lines. Whether you’re sending marketing or transactional email, collect deeper insights with each send to build smarter segmentation over time.

Parse API

Emails aren’t only meant for one-way conversations. Sometimes, you’d like to receive answers from your interlocutors and extract valuable information for your business. But parsing incoming emails isn’t a child’s play, as it requires to dive into SMTP protocol and email clients fragmentation. Mailjet’s Parse API easies the pain by parsing all your incoming data, and way more!

Event API

Do you want to optimize and improve the deliverability of your emails? Track transactional and marketing email events in real time with Mailjet’s Event API and take back full control over your email lifecycle. No need to pull the data yourself anymore, the data will come to you.

Real-Time Monitoring

Now that you’ve set up your transactional email, does the delivery of these business critical messages keep you up at night? Introducing Mailjet Real-Time Monitoring, the premium feature that does all the hard work of monitoring key sending indicators with alerts so you don’t have to.

SMTP Relay

As one of the world’s leading email service providers, Mailjet’s robust delivery infrastructure routes billions of emails to the inbox every month. Easily set up our free SMTP Server in minutes and discover how our platform will help you send your emails faster.