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Email Marketing For Charities & The Not-For-Profit Industry

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Charities and not-for-profit organizations know what the secret to successfully tackling a mission is: building an army of fearless supporters to aid the cause they are fighting for. In order to build such a valiant army, you need emotive messaging and powerful storytelling that attracts the right breed of supporter: one who can convey your message.

Email marketing is a direct and truly personal way of grabbing your audience’s attention. It has the power to reach the right people, and pull on their heartstrings with engaging content, garnishing quick results and an impressive ROI. As we’re sure you already know, email is the best performing channel for ROI, ahead of SEO.

So, how do you build this army of supporters with email? In this guide, we will cover the fundamentals of email marketing for the not-for-profit and charity industries. We will go over the basics any email marketer should master, learn about some of the tools and features that can really turn a regular email into a powerful campaign, and review some of the more common scenarios and examples, as well as some more ambitious programs that can help you target the right recipient with the most appropriate message.

Download our guide “Email Marketing For Charities & The Not-For-Profit Industry” to know all the best practices and optimize your emailing.

Email Marketing For Charities

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