Josie Scotchmer


In March 2017, Mailjet commissioned a new piece of research to understand the views of consumers versus the opinions of email experts on the future of email and brand communications globally. The consumer survey was taken by over 2000 participants across the UK and France. In addition, Mailjet interviewed email experts from Lyst, Litmus, Movable Ink, Boomtrain and RebelMail.

What will you find in this research report?

The research looks at the innovations people want to see over the next 5 years. Specifically highlighting where email may evolve. Can consumers predict and influence where email service providers like Mailjet will innovate in the next 5 years? And do email experts agree?

So, what are the email innovations both consumers and email experts are predicting over the next 5 years?

Download the research report to gain insights into the future of email and transform your email experience into something consumers want to receive.

Finally, a big thank-you to Lyst, Litmus, Movable Ink, Rebelmail and Boomtrain for taking the time to share their thoughts on email innovations with us.

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