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Hermes delivers a box of letters to Hera

How to use your customer lifecycle to target and automate emails

List segmentation is a fundamental and crucial process that determines the success rate of any email campaign. And personalization takes...

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Hermes is writing next to a laptop

From 0-32K in one year: How Loïc Le Meur growth hacks email

Growing a valuable email list with high ROI is a patient process. But, let’s be honest, most of us...

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Hermes and Zeus have a chat next to a laptop

Email innovations for the next 5 years: A research report

In March 2017, Mailjet commissioned a new piece of research to understand the views of...

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Latest US data protection news: What does it mean for you?

Here we are again. Every once in a while, data protection makes the headlines, creating a ripple of panic in the marketing...

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Hermes and a Goddess look at a screen

Infographic: Curiosity killed the marketer (and their subject lines)

Mailjet infographic shows, test centre reveals hesitance among UK consumers around confidential content compared to other European audiences.

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Hermes pulling icons with a magnet

7 steps to turn email subscribers into paying customers

We all know the money is in the email list. But believe it or not, most marketers do a very bad...

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Hermes and Hera sitting on some sugar cubes

From 0-32K in one year: Loïc Le Meur’s entrepreneurial email journey Pt. 1

If you follow the Mailjet blog regularly, you’re probably well aware of the importance of building...

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god painting a goddess

Stocksy United's 7 tips for crafting standout marketing emails

We know mastering the art of crafting visually powerful emails can sometimes be a daunting...

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Hermes and Hera writing a letter

How to test your email campaigns for different KPIs

In our almighty A/B Testing Beginner’s Guide for Email Marketing, we told you that knowing...

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Hermes holding a big magnet in front of the desk

Empower the secret weapons of email with A/B testing

In the crazy world of marketing, we are bombarded by buzzwords on a daily basis. Whether it be our long-term favorite...

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Hermes, a Goddess and a rocket over paper

5 email marketing tips to take businesses to the next level

Over the years, email marketing has proved itself a powerful tool for engaging existing customers and generating more business. A recent...

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Hermes and Artemisa paint some tags

Ecommerce email marketing design tips to increase sales

Learn how to boost your ecommerce sales with email marketing. Discover effective design tips that will make a difference in your email marketing campaigns...

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Hermes and a Goddess chill on some stats in front of stationery

Mailjet’s advent calendar recap: Is your email strategy ready for 2017?

Throughout December, we’ve been giving you the top tips to get your email strategy off the ground and ready for 2017. We know you’re sad that the...

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Gods lighting the Christmas tree

Waitrose holds title for strongest Christmas email campaign

Waitrose claims second consecutive win but budget supermarkets including ASDA now lead in personalisation, content and calls-to-action...

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Hermes and a Goddess paint a heart

The year of interactive email

While email has been around for a while, it can still be very hard to get right, mostly for the lack of standardization among email clients....

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Hermes and a Goddess carry a Christmas tree in front of Santa hats

Mailjet’s Advent Calendar: Tips to win at email in 2017

If you’ve ever had an Advent Calendar when you were younger (or still now, pretending to buy it for the kids, but actually stealing all the...

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Hermes sitting with laptop an orange sofa, Hera talking

Tips to master mobile-friendly email campaigns this holiday season

Make the most of this busy time of year with mobile-friendly email marketing, to remind customers about new products, gift ideas, and upcoming sales...

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Zeus and a Goddess decorate a Christmas tree

Personalized emails and customer relationships: A holiday tale

You’ve probably noticed that, for some weeks now, our posts have a holiday flavor, a whole...

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A God and a Goddess decorate a Christmas tree

Email campaign examples that rocked the holiday season

There’s no better way to draw inspiration for your holiday email campaigns than to look at what others have done well and learn from their success...

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Hermes putting together pc case

Designing beautiful holiday emails

Designing your email is just one of the challenges you face when trying to create stunning...

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Hermes talking Hera shopping

Killer email marketing tips to increase online holiday sales

For any business, the holiday season is the time when you’ll see an increase in sales for the year....

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Hermes holding a big magnet

Team Trump wins campaign email battle as Clinton misses her mark

Personalised messages and a clear call to action expose Trump’s recipe for success among small donors...

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Gods with paintbrush and colored pencils

Crafting irresistible email content this holiday season

We know the Holiday Season can be a busy period, so we’ve decided to help you prepare...

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Hermes and a Goddess carry a tree on a decorated table

Rock the holiday season: Mailjet’s Holiday Toolkit is back

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… ? Well, maybe not just yet, but for the email...

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