On Demand Webinar: Guide to Responsive Email Design

A Mailjet webinar to go through what Responsive Email Design is, why you need it and how to create one!


We’ll go through the reasons behind using creating a responsive email campaign, the technology behind how it all works and how you can go about making sure your email campaigns are all responsive. We will discuss some technical aspects from media queries to CSS and HTML that makes a responsive design to tools and services which can help you create responsive email campaigns in minutes!

On Demand Webinar: Email Design Fundamentals for High ROI

A Mailjet webinar to learn email design fundamentals to generate high ROI from your email marketing!


We’ll go through the anatomy of an email template, the key areas you should focus on and now to optimize each email to optimize your click rate. Additionally we’ll discuss a set of process that any email marketer should bare in mind when designing a new email template and setting up an email campaign.

On Demand Webinar: Email Marketing Fundamentals for Small Businsses

A Mailjet webinar to learn how Email Marketing can help your business grow!


We will be discussing how Email Marketing fundamentals through newsletters, transactional and triggered emails can help you increase your brand awareness, generate leads and retain your customers.

Also we’ll look into a few tips, tricks and techniques on how to create and grow an organic contact list for your email marketing campaigns.