5 Moment Marketing Tips Before Take-Off

They say content is king and we’re not denying that, but we believe that there’s one ace that can trump the king, and that’s Moment Marketing, also known as micro marketing. No matter what your brand has planned, when a special moment arises, everything else goes out the window.

Moment Marketing is the ability to take advantage of an event to deliver relevant and related, seemingly spontaneous, and often fleeting interactions with customers in real time.

— William Grobel, Senior Manager, Deloitte Digital. Toolkit 2016; Moment Marketing

Thanks to social media, it’s easier than ever for companies and brands to hop on the latest trend. From the #RunningManChallenge, to the famous Oscar selfie or the tweet by Oreo during the Superbowl, these marketing moments are only open for a small period of time.

Sure, we can talk about cool examples all day long, but why not show you how to do it yourself? Here’s a few ways to incorporate Moment Marketing into your email strategies.

8 Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing Automation

Listen, the facts speak for themselves when it comes to email; it’s here to stay and it’s only getting better. Traditionally email marketing is broken down into two things, you have newsletters and email blasts.

That’s stuff of the old! It’s time for your business to step your game up and move into the future. I’m talking about email marketing automation. “But Chris, what exactly is email marketing automation and how does it work? 

Great question, I’m glad you asked!

In a nutshell, email marketing automation is a set of prompts that are triggered when your subscriber takes a certain action. Instead of having to do these things by hand, you can create whole campaigns to run automatically. This gives you more time to create funny faces on your Snapchat videos.

But remember, “With great power comes great responsibility.” And that’s why we put together this video of 8 do’s and don’ts of email marketing automation.



A Mailjet Holiday Story

Follow Santa Claus, the best email marketer of all, and his helpers as they prepare gifts for the holidays. Keeping email best practices in mind, Santa and team cleans their contact lists, works on responsive gifting design and collects data for future sends.

Part 1: Create

Part 2: Send

Part 3: Optimize

You can also watch A Mailjet Holiday Story on our Youtube Channel.