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Phil Adams

Philip Adams was a Sr. Content Marketing Specialist at Sinch Mailjet. He curated the Mailjet blog and was our primary source for British sarcasm. He writes about all things related to email and email marketing.

Latest stories by Phil Adams

Hermes and Hera with paper airplane

10 common email marketing mistakes to avoid in your campaign

Steve Jobs once said, “It’s impossible to fail if you learn from your mistakes.” If you’re here today, it either means you want to learn from others’ mistakes or you’ve made a few yourself. Either way, email marketing blunders are a chance to dissect bad thinking and...

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Hermes and a Goddess get ready to paint

How to add and send animated GIFs in emails

We all love a good animated GIF. Nearly 40 years have passed since the world saw its first GIF (a rotating globe created in 1987), and they still intrigue and entertain us. These days...

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Hermes and a Goddess paint a wall with brushes

How to create eye-catching newsletters in 8 easy steps

The email newsletter is among the most potent weapons in your email marketing arsenal. They leap buildings with optimal newsletter design, fly around on social media, and...

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Hermes paints next to an envelope

Designing the perfect newsletter for marketing

Sometimes a tried-and-true method can be more successful than an innovative one, and this principle applies to newsletter marketing. Working in ecommerce and digital marketing...

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Hermes and a Goddess are testing a magnet in front of some sundaes

Multivariate testing: What is it and how to use it

So you’ve built an ecommerce website or landing page, but you want to increase your conversion rate. You’re asking yourself: Did I consider my page’s elements? Would my...

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Hermes and a Goddess split email in front of colourful cabins

IP address explained & basics you should know

The internet is an essential part of modern digital life. Humans use it for almost everything, from shopping to dating to appointments. Every time you use the internet, you use an IP...

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Hermes holding a big magnet

4 email hacks to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign

The grand total of $55K funded one entrepreneur’s Potato Salad Kickstarter – a monumental 31,576% above his goal. Exploding Kittens, a card game for people who...

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Hermes chasing a volleyball on the beach.

The email marketer’s checklist for a relaxing summer vacation

Ahh, summer vacation – a time to swim in the ocean, BBQ by the river, and check your work emails... Wait, hold on a second. How many times have you peeked at Slack, checked your...

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Hermes welcoming with big magnet

How to deliver the best customer onboarding email

Believe it or not, most businesses execute their customer onboarding emails all wrong. That’s because they often send useless, nagging messages, which can be worse for your...

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Hermes with letter flying over the desk

Email marketing strategies for small businesses

There was a time when paid advertising was king for small businesses. But local TV spots, direct mail, and prominent billboards are now considered costly and difficult to track. Now...

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Hermes and Zeus on father's day.

Father’s Day email marketing ideas to cut through the crowded inbox

Ahh, dads – they’re a species of their own, aren’t they? With their eccentric habits and top-notch “jokes”. Father’s Day is just around the corner, but it’s not all fun and games. Some...

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Hermes and one other Goddess are connecting from the living room

4 steps to complete your email marketing audit

Over time, your email marketing strategy can grow into a dense forest of statistics where you can get lost. To improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns, you...

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