GDPR SOS Kit For Marketers

After months of talking about it, one of the biggest impacts to the way that marketers do their jobshas finally arrived: GDPR. Worryingly, according to our research with nearly 12,000 SMBs leading up to May 25th, most businesses were still unprepared. The penalties for non-compliance are drastic, not to mention the business impacts and consequences, and it’s important to remember that no one is entirely exempt.Regardless of company size or location, anyone collecting, processing and storing personal data of citizens within Europe needs to become compliant.

As a GDPR-compliant company ourselves, we know first-hand what it takes for your Marketing Department to implement these changes. We also know that for most marketers GDPR hasn’t been your full-time priority. But now the deadline has passed, there are changes you must definitely make as soon as possible, if you haven’t already.

That’s why we’ve put together this GDPR SOS Kit For Marketers, an action plan to get your business ready for GDPR before it’s too late.


  • GDPR for Marketers: High Urgency
  1. Clean Your Newsletter Database & Conduct Re-permission Campaigns
  2. Scrutinise Your Third Party Providers
  • GDPR for Marketers: Medium-High Urgency
  1. Evaluate Your Data & Lead Collection Process
  2. Update Your Privacy Policy & Send An Email Notification
  • GDPR for Marketers: Medium Urgency
  1. Change the Internal Mindset
  2. Get Ready for ePrivacy… The Next GDPR


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