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Goddesses chatting, Hermes Holding a dog

Mailjet Monday: Alessandro Stigliani

Ever wondered who’s behind Mailjet’s sleek homepage designs and user interface? This Mailjet...

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God in mask spamming

Flight School Friday: How to outsmart the spammers

We give you the most common tactics of spammers and teach you how to beat them

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Gods chatting in front the window and a cat

Mailjet Monday: Tyler Nappy

We’re back with our second installment of Mailjet Mondays! This week, we introduce Tyler...

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Gods putting cubes together

Mailjet's teaming up with AirPair!

At Mailjet, we believe in simple, easy-to-use but impactful experiences. As a result, we offer a...

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Hermes and a Goddess have a chat in a bedroom

Introducing Mailjet Mondays!

The Mailjet team has been growing rapidly over the past year. We now have a team of over 50...

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gods hanging out in kitchen

Mailjet Monday: Sabrina Mamouni

Happy Monday! This week, we sat down to chat with our Project Manager, Sabrina Mamouni, about productivity, product and the future of email...

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Grumpy Hermes with coffee

From Tel Aviv to Paris: 2 Israeli guys in France

We met Matan Markovics and Almog Luz last May during a hackathon in Tel Aviv. Both of them are developers, very active in the local startup...

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Hermes is working on some code while at home

Mailjet loves galettes!

Yesterday, the Parisian Mailjet team attended the first edition of the French Tech Galette which...

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Two Gods painting with some brushes

3 facts about email designers and what they do for us

I think we do not give enough credit to people who conceptualise, design and ship legitimate...

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Gods celebrating new product

Meet Mailjet's deliverability pilot

Do you ever wonder who stands behind Mailjet? Mailjet serves over 16,000 global clients and...

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Hermes and two other gods share stats on a table

What are the prerequisites for concrete transactional emailing?

No, your transactional strategy should not be as rigid as reinforced concrete. Quite the contrary, in fact. However, it is essential...

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Gods putting together molecule pieces

Can a beer improve your deliverability?

No, finding the nearest bar and ordering a nice cold beer will not solve your deliverability...

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