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Hermes working on PC

We’re all a little bit like Jane Doe

We’ve recently joined forces with Podbox to launch an integration that will allow you to connect...

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Gods with puzzle pieces in front of wires

Giving Drupal email a boost with Mailjet

Hey Mailjetters, we’ve got yet another exciting announcement to make! Both Mailjet and Drupal...

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Hermes passing the box with envelopes to Hera

Email inactives: It doesn’t have to end in a painful breakup

In many ways, your contact list is a long-term romantic relationship. Both parties, you and your customers, get to know the ins and outs of...

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Gods making announcement in front of the air balloons

Boosting the bottom line with Mailjet + PrestaShop

Attention all Mailjetters, we have a very exciting announcement to make: Mailjet has just...

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Hermes and Hera with crayons

Spring is here! Time to give your inbox a spring clean

The sun’s out, the rain has resided… we all know what that means right? Spring time is upon us...

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Gods in front of colored cubes

Mailjet + Zapier = Integrations made easy!

Integrate your favorite eCommerce or CRM SaaS platforms with Mailjet without dropping a...

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Gods putting things together

Mailjet is now on!

Please put your seat backs and tray tables in their upright position… we’ve got an awesome...

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Pathwire on black

Nous sommes Charlie

As you may have noticed, we have today added a “Je suis Charlie” banner to the top of our website...

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Hermes choosing the team

Email hacks for team productivity

Email hurts productivity. Email traps knowledge. Email demands time. Email wasn’t designed...

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Hermes in front of the Christmas tree

Segmenting your naughty list: If Santa Claus were an email marketer

The key to a successful email campaign is your contact list. But don’t just settle for one...

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Hermes and Hera with paper airplane

Power-up your transactional emails with these 3 tips

Transactional emails are an often overlooked marketing channel that can drive traffic, boost...

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Three Gods putting a puzzle together

Growth Pack: Mailjet <3 ecosystems

Earlier this year, Mailjet partnered with TextMaster, PressKing and Mention to create a 4-in-1 SaaS tools package...

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