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Hermes and a God are trying to plug a tablet in

If our partner The Family is not an incubator, then what’s their concept?

This post was written in 2015. Please note, Mailjet no longer partners with The Family...

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Hermes and Hera are getting creative ideas

5 simple ideas to improve your email design

We first met with 99designs( at TNW Europe in Amsterdam (

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Hermes and Hera with mailbox

Email signatures: What are the rules?

Today, we aren’t going to discuss transactional or marketing email, APIs, Hackathons, or even deliverability! No, today we are...

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Hermes sits on a coffee mug while a Goddess talks to him

The new Gmail tabs: What conclusions can we draw?

On May 29th, 2013, Google launched a new version of Gmail. The major change was the appearance of the now famous tabs...

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Gods in costumes in front of a building

10 HTML tips for improving your email deliverability

Three years ago, a Mailjet team member experienced a surprising situation with one of the clients of his...

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Hermes and two other gods share stats on a table

What are the prerequisites for concrete transactional emailing?

No, your transactional strategy should not be as rigid as reinforced concrete. Quite the contrary, in fact. However, it is essential...

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Hermes and two other Gods are partying next to some glasses of wine

New feature: Customizable tracking links with your domain name

From time to time, Mailjet launches new features…without even warning you! This is the case of a...

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Gods putting together molecule pieces

Can a beer improve your deliverability?

No, finding the nearest bar and ordering a nice cold beer will not solve your deliverability...

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Hermes and a Goddess share data while a hand draws

Your email reputation also depends on your domain name

Over time, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and webmails have developed many techniques to detect...

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Hermes typing on PC

Thresholds: A wealth of ideas to create new transactional campaigns

Transactions emails are generally limited to welcome emails, confirmations, and reactivations. But to restrict oneself to only...

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Hermes carries a box of letters to a Goddess in front of a wooden window

Deliverability advice: Test the rendering of your emails!

Ask what an HTML coder thinks of email…the response is rarely complimentary! In fact, HTML...

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Gods in superhero costumes

Why Mailjet’s email delivery service is not concerned by #Prism

We never communicated directly to the public about this (except when asked) but due to the recent Prism leak, we feel that it is...

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