Tips To Master Mobile-Friendly Email Campaigns This Holiday Season

For marketers, the end of the year means it’s time to ramp up marketing efforts to try to capitalize on the holiday shopping season. One effective way to cash in on this busy time of year is through mobile-friendly email marketing to remind customers about new products, gift ideas, and upcoming sales.

Why is it so important to ensure your emails are mobile-friendly? It’s estimated over half of today’s emails are opened on mobile devices and more than 50% of Google searches take place from mobile devices, so if your campaign isn’t mobile-friendly, you won’t be able to reach a huge chunk of your audience. Here are some tips to help you master this marketing tactic:

Want to define your email strategy to win customers over this holiday season? Check out Mailjet’s Holiday Email Toolkit.

Top Tips To Make Your Email Campaigns Mobile-Friendly

Think of the subject line

Subject lines can make or break your email campaign, so choose one wisely. Because you are creating a mobile-friendly campaign for the holidays, add some holiday cheer by using a festive emoji in your subject line. As subscribers scroll through their inbox, a cute Santa or Christmas tree emoji will stick out next to all the other text-only subject lines. If you don’t want to associate with one holiday over another, choose a snowman or snowflake emoji instead.

Test it

Before sending out the campaign to all of your subscribers, it’s important to test, retest, and test it again. See how it appears on multiple devices to ensure all the pictures are loading properly and the format is as you designed it. If something looks off on your phone, use cell phone diagnostic tools to see if there’s a problem with your device, or if it’s with the email campaign.

mobile device emails

Give gift ideas

Email campaigns usually focus on getting the customer to buy something for herself, but around the holidays, it’s all about giving, so adjust your campaign as needed. Create mobile-friendly emails that feature different gift ideas to inspire your subscribers to shop. For example, divide the email up into four separate segments and show how subscribers can buy gifts for their mom, dad, significant other, and kids all within your online shop.

Make sure your email allows subscribers to click on a link that will take them directly to what was advertised instead of sending them to the homepage. You should also make sure the landing page is mobile-friendly to cater to those who are using their phones to check email and shop. The easier you make it to shop, the better results you’ll see.

Talk to last minute shoppers

There are two types of people in this world: those that have their holiday shopping done by December, and those that wait until the absolute last minute. To appeal to the latter group, send out emails just a few days before Christmas to let customers know there is still time to shop and get their gifts in time for the holidays. For example, send out an email saying “Today’s your LAST CHANCE to get these gifts in time for Christmas with our 2-day shipping.” This creates a sense of urgency, reminding customers time is almost up, while also letting customers know it’s not too late to do online shopping.

holiday emails

Incorporate these tips into your email campaign so you can have a profitable holiday season and start the New Year off with a bang!


Want to learn more about how to win at email this Holiday Season? Visit Mailjet’s Email Marketing Holiday Toolkit and join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #MailjetHolidayToolkit.


Want to define your email strategy to win customers over this holiday season? Check out Mailjet’s Ultimate Guide To Holiday Emailing.

Holiday Emailing Guide


4 Passport Email Templates To Win Your Contacts Over This Christmas

For email marketers, Christmas is probably one of the most important times of the year. Christmas time is email time. We’re sure you’ve already defined your email marketing strategy and you cannot wait to create beautiful and successful emails that looks perfect on all devices.

When it comes to holiday campaigns, you basically have two options. You can either code your emails or opt for an online editor, like Mailjet’s Passport, to help you design your own. If you don’t have the technical knowledge to develop your own emails, choosing a “pre-existing” template may just be the perfect solution for you.

“Oh, but there are so many options… and I just don’t have the time to go looking for great templates…”. Sounds like you? Thought so.

That’s why we’ve handpicked our favorite Passport templates, to make it even easier for you to send great campaigns this Christmas. Read on, you can thank us later. ;)

Want to define your email strategy to win customers over this holiday season? Check out Mailjet’s Holiday Email Toolkit.

Boost your sales this Christmas with these Passport templates

We know that Christmas isn’t all about the money, but it is in fact one of the most profitable periods for most businesses. Want to boost your sales this Christmas? Check out these campaign ideas.

Send a seasonal product email

Christmas time is buying time, too. Literally everybody is looking to buy presents for their loved ones and there is hardly any other period in which people are willing to spend as much money as they do during the Christmas season.

If you’re planning to send out a campaign promoting your products, check out our template Oslo. Its sleek design is perfect to highlight your seasonal offer and products. Enhance the Christmas feeling by including a festive picture at the top, and keep the email clean and simple, ensuring your products shine.

It’s also important to use high quality pictures, but make sure these are not to large, as they might not display properly on all devices. Choose a clear headline that describes the content and entices the reader to open your email, like “Our special Christmas products”. And don’t forget: even if your holiday campaign is related to Christmas, it still needs to reflect your company’s brand identity.

email template for product promo

Offer a special promo to loyal customers

Saying “thank you” to your loyal customers is one of the most powerful things you can do. One of best way to do so is by offering a special promo discount.

Our template Cutely is perfect for that. It drives the reader’s attention to the central element, your special offer, but is also include some products that your customers might want to use the discount on. However, the focus should always be on the seasonal promotion, this is not your regular sales campaign.  

Be as personal as possible. This is your loyal customers we’re talking about, you want them to feel special. Include a personalized intro text, segment your lists based on the data you have from them or, even better, use dynamic content to target them better.

email template for special product offer

Build your brand identity through email this Christmas

Branding is an essential part of marketing. The following Christmas campaigns are all about making people care about the company behind your product and services. By creating a loyalty to your brand, rather than the product, you can take the final step in winning your customers over for a long time, rather than foster one-off shoppers. These email examples will show you how.

Wishing your contacts a Merry Christmas

Do not miss the chance to wish your customers and newsletter subscribers a Merry Christmas. It may be just a small gesture, but it can have a strong positive effect.

This kind of email template can be very simple. Think of your regular Christmas cards: nice image + sweet text. It doesn’t need to get any crazier than that if you don’t want to. Our 1 column template is probably the most basic template you can find in Passport, but it can also be the most effective.

Make your email design festive, but also add some humor to it. You can include some Christmas related emojis to your subject line, play around with merry images or icons… If you have the time, you can even feature a short video with your personal Christmas wishes.

Keep your Merry Christmas campaigns relevant by using personalization. This will make every customer feel as if you were addressing him (or her) directly. You can also generate traffic to your social media channel and get customers to share with you some of their user generated content by encouraging them to share their Christmas stories, New Year’s resolutions or holiday wishlist with you. Do so at the end of your email, by adding some kind of contest or incentive beside your social media buttons.

email template for personal Christmas wishes

Tell your company’s 2016 story

The end of the year is the perfect time to give your customers an end-of-the-year company summary. Duh, you might think. Yet many business still avoid talking about themselves. Part of building brand loyalty is being open about what you’ve been up to and sharing your success with your customers. What did you achieve this year and what can your customers expect next year?

Our template Colorado is a great choice to do just that. It includes a timeline in which you can show your most important milestones, and also gives you the opportunity to add a quote from the CEO or another relevant employee. Top it up with a special gift or promotion, to celebrate and thank your customers for the success you’ve had this last year, and drive more traffic to your holiday offers.

Your email needs to engage your reader, so remember who your audience is. You are not sending this campaign to investors or stakeholders, you are sending it to your customers. Keep it entertaining and relevant. Don’t just give facts, create a story around your company that works alongside your company’s brand identity.  

email template for year recap
The best thing about using these Passport templates is that it’ll only take minutes to adapt and edit them to match your needs. Try them out or experiment with some of our other options by visiting our Template Library.

template gallery at Mailjet passport
There are many ways and ideas to send amazing holiday campaigns to your customers and newsletter subscribers. Want some more help? In this year’s Email Marketing Holiday Toolkit you’ll find all the tips and recommendations to create great marketing emails that’ll rock your contacts’ inboxes this Christmas.

Have you tried any of our Passport templates? What are your favorites and why? Share your ideas with us via Twitter, using the hashtag #MailjetHolidayToolkit.


Want to define your email strategy to win customers over this holiday season? Check out Mailjet’s Ultimate Guide To Holiday Emailing.


Simplified Collaboration Using Sub-accounts With Mailjet

How many of you have found yourselves working on projects where the number of contacts is continually increasing? Doesn’t it seem like we always end up wasting precious time sharing usernames and passwords among colleagues (wh

Right now, you may have an account with Mailjet or another email service provider full of contact lists, templates, users, and past campaigns that span across many projects. Like a crowded desk, this can get overwhelming fast, especially for larger brands or agencies that manage email for multiple clients and products.

That’s where sub-accounts come in handy. They let you manage multiple different accounts (or API keys) under one master account. If you’re an agency, you can separate clients. If you send both marketing and transactional emails, you can separate lists and templates.

If you’re looking to get started with Mailjet’s sub-accounts right now – here’s a short guide for you.

If you’re still unsure if it makes sense for you, well read on! We cover all the different use cases for sub-accounts below.

Simplified management

When you create an account, we automatically assign you an API key. Each user receives a different key, which becomes associated with their sender reputation. This enables us to be alerted if certain emails do not comply with the deliverability thresholds.

When sub-accounts are created, secondary API keys are allocated to them. This enables you to compartmentalize the emails you send.

Separate your transactional emails

Using a secondary API key to separate your marketing emails from your transactional emails is strongly recommended in order to block all your accounts in the event of a problem with deliverability.

Your customers are impatiently waiting to receive their emails to activate their subscriptions or for their order confirmations. These essential emails, which are called transactional emails also have the highest click and opening rates.

Separating marketing and transactional email traffic in your account will enable you to avoid having your transactional messages completely blocked after sending marketing emails with high bounce or spam rates. Make sure you read our latest article on deliverability to find out about all the best practices and to guarantee the success of your marketing campaigns.

As soon as you sign up for a paid subscription, you have the option of creating sub-accounts by sending a simple request to support. The addition of API keys is only valid on your main account.

  • Go to ‘My account’ and click on ‘Master API Key & Sub API key management.’.


  • You now have access to the button: “Create a new sub-account API key”


  • Give your new API key a name and click on “Create” to obtain a secondary API key for your emails.


  • In our example, we have created two in total to separate our transactional emails from our marketing emails.


  • If you now wish to send Marketing and Transactional campaigns, simply select the corresponding account from the banner that appears at the top of your account and then continue as you usually do:


Provide access to your accounts and sub-accounts

Mailjet offers you the option of sharing access to your account and your sub-accounts with others, in a completely secure manner.

Share your email credits

Providing access to your account rather than creating new ones enables you to centralize your expenses. Since your sub-accounts will share the same subscription as your main account, the collaborators that you grant access to will be subject to the same limitations as your main account.



Sharing sub-accounts access with a client or another team allows them to benefit from the email credits of your subscription. If they send 5,000 emails, they will automatically be deducted from the 30,000 emails allocated to your Bronze plan for example. Since Mailjet’s pricing is solely based upon the number of emails that you send, this will not lead to any additional management costs.

Securing your information

By sharing access to your account via our shared management tool, you can ensure optimal security. Your collaborators will only have access to the sub-account that you share with them and they cannot access your main account.

In addition, you can restrict the access rights to your account. For example, you can opt to hide the “Account billing” and “Account configuration” pages and make your collaborator’s experience a lot easier, while securing your data. Finally, you can change the rights or revoke access at any time.


Work with others without losing control

Work together more easily with your colleagues or your clients by giving them access to your sub-accounts, while keeping an eye on their campaigns.

Let’s look at two examples to get a better understanding of the possibilities:

Develop a sound global and local strategy with sub-accounts.

If your company has subsidiaries in multiple countries or have multiple that chapter that send out local campaigns (like franchises, for example), it is important to have a consistent brand image across the various entities.

In order to simplify the work of your teams, your team should each have a different sub-account. This is the ideal solution for simplifying their use of the tool while giving you the possibility of checking that they are complying with your global strategy.

You only have one invoice to pay for all your teams, and they can benefit from your email credits according to their needs.

  • Start by creating as many sub-accounts as you have teams in charge of email campaigns as we did previously to separate your marketing and transactional traffic.


  • To give your collaborators access to these sub-accounts, go to “My Account” and then “Account Sharing” and then click on the “Define access” button:


  • Enter your collaborator’s email and then select the sub-accounts that you wish to share with them. Here we want to share the English-speaking emailing accounts so we share the “US Marketing” and “UK Marketing” sub-accounts:


  • Define below the pages of the sub-accounts that you do not wish them to access. Here we remove the billing and configuration pages from the account, as well as the Transactional page because this account will only be used to send Marketing emails:


  • Click on “Add”. Your collaborator simply has to click on the activation links of the emails received in their inbox and connect to their account using their login details to validate this sharing.


  • Your English-speaking email campaign manager now has access to the two sub-accounts ‘US Marketing’ and ‘UK Marketing’ with the requested limits:


As an agency, all of your clients under one roof

If you are an agency, you will have a number of clients who ask you to run their emailing campaigns. Creating one sub-account per client will enable you to simplify the task:

  • You will then be able to have access to the statistics on each of your clients separately.
  • If one of your clients sender reputation is compromised due to poor sending stats, this will not have any impact on the rest of your portfolio since their email streams are separated.
  • You do not need any technical knowledge to set up your sub-accounts.
  • When sharing a sub-account with your clients, you can give them access to the statistics on their campaigns only to facilitate the reporting.
  • You have the advantage of single billing, irrespective of the number of sub-accounts that you decide to create.

Did you know that we offered this sub-account feature at Mailjet? Are you interested in it? Please give us your opinion on Twitter and be sure to follow us because we have more good news to announce about shared accounts.

3 Steps To Boost Your Holidays Sales With Mailjet Integrations

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it might already feel like the least wonderful time of the year. That’s because it’s also the busiest for marketers. But, if your marketing is done right, it can also be the most effective for your sales.

In order to take advantage of this special time, it is thus essential to deploy a good communication strategy. But why tackle this season alone? To help you, here’s three hacks to up your holiday game using Mailjet integrations:

1. Build Your Opt-in (Christmas) List


Before sending your email campaigns, you need a contact list to reach out to. If you’ve been nice, you should already have started building one using tools like smart pop-ups. For example, the pop-up below offers a website’s visitors the opportunity to receive exclusive cookie recipes by signing up to the newsletter.


Mailjet is integrated with Justuno: a simple tool to convert your website’s visitors, and even cart abandoners, into subscribers with timely exit pop-ups like this one.

Cool. But what if I’m short on time?

Now you’re probably thinking: “At this point, the only option I have left is to buy a contact list to begin with”. Don’t. The last thing you want is to end up in the spam folder and get on the naughty list of Gmail, Hotmail etc.

So what can I do? Wait until next Christmas? My sales aren’t going to just boost themselves…

We have a plan for you, even if you’ve been naughty ;). You know what’s cool about the holidays? Gifts!


Mailjet is integrated with Rafflecopter, a really cool tool to launch a giveaway in no time.
Rafflecopter allows you to entice your giveaway entrants to also sign up to your newsletter – and have them directly transferred to your Mailjet email list.

2. Make It Pretty – Make It Yours

Now that you’ve built your contact list, it’s time to start creating your email campaigns. Email design is key: the human brain processes visual information 60 000 times faster than text. It is one of the first elements that will stand out, and which your subscribers will associate with your brand.

With illustrio, you can customize thousands of icons and illustrations. Personalize them with your brand image and colors and use them to make your email campaigns stand out.

And since it’s that time of year, we also have a special gift for you: the ultimate palette of colors that we recommend using this Holiday Season.


3. Target the Right People

So, now you’re almost there. You have 1) built an opt-in list, 2) created beautiful emails. “All I have left to do now is to hit send”. Haha. No.

Before you start sending, make sure to know who you’re addressing. You wouldn’t want to send Grandma discounts for Punta Cana Spring Break packages.



Grandma opening your special Punta Cana Spring Break promotional campaign.

Personalization is key and can really make a major difference in your email campaigns’ performance.

Okay. But how can I do that? That seems like a long process…

Lucky for you, Mailjet is integrated with Boomtrain, which can completely automate this personalization process. Boomtrain tracks your subscribers’ actions on your website, assesses what they browse, and adapts email content to them.

If this still sounds too fancy, you can always use Mailjet’s segmentation feature to make sure that you adapt your emails to different types of subscribers in your contact list.

And there you have it, easy as 1, 2, 3. Time to let the Mailjet integrations do the heavy lifting.

Happy Holiday Season.

Love, Partners.


Have you tried our integrations? Tell us how you use them on Twitter, using the hashtag #MailjetPartners.


Want to define your email strategy to win customers over this holiday season? Check out Mailjet’s Ultimate Guide To Holiday Emailing.

Holiday Emailing Guide



Personalized Emails And Customer Relationships: A Holiday Tale

You’ve probably noticed that, for some weeks now, our posts have a holiday flavor, a whole bunch of emailing tips with a pinch of nutmeg, ready to help you prepare for what is the busiest period of the year for email marketers. This post is no exception. So… let’s talk about personalization. “Again?” some might say. Yes, again. Why? Because more than half the marketers still don’t personalize their content, despite the fact that 70% of them admit it’s something they should definitely be doing (and which they’d actually like to implement in the next 12 months). Why not benefit from the upcoming Holiday Season to turbo boost your emailing ROI using personalization?

Want to define your email strategy to win customers over this holiday season? Check out Mailjet’s Holiday Email Toolkit.

OK, so why should I personalize my emails?

Since personalization is not as common as we’d expect it be, even though it’s now well-known, here are a few key points you have to keep in mind if you’re considering whether or not to personalize your content.

As the father of direct marketing, Lester Wunderman, said, people are an end, never a means, and direct marketing (including email) is data driven. Meaning: know your subscribers’ needs and address them by sending them the right offer at the right time. In any case, don’t force a global and irrelevant product or service on them. This is the definition Wunderman gave of personalization, in 1996, and it’s still valid today.

This idea is actually backed by figures. In a nutshell, personalized emails have a 30% higher open rate and more than 40% higher click rate than non-personalized emails. From the subject line to the content of the email itself, including offers, colors or CTAs, anything in both marketing and transactional emails can be personalized.

The use of first names gives ThamesLink’ newsletter a warmer feeling.

Ryanair uses the location to send its contacts personalized automated emails.

Note that it works with transactional emails too. Check out PayPal’s confirmation message.

…And in subject lines, like in PhotoBox’s promotional campaign.

So if our word is not enough, trust the figures: you should definitely be making the most of personalization during the Holiday Season (and hopefully after too).

What should I expect this Holiday Season?

This year, the fight for your recipients’ inboxes will be harsh again and only the smartest and most original marketers will be able to make an impact. Here’s what we learnt from last year’s Holiday Season:

  • Compared to the other, less busy periods of the year, the Holiday Season 2015 saw a huge, 23% increase in email volume. However, less campaigns were sent, which could indicate larger contact lists or a broader segmentation.
  • Overall, recipients engaged more with emails sent during the Holiday Season: click rate, session per clicker and, most importantly, revenue per email increased during Q4 2015.
  • Special offers were more impactful than ever, especially when it came to free shipping and flash sales.

So, how do I personalize effectively during the Holiday Season?

Regardless of whether you send campaigns for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Hannukah, Kwanzaa or Christmas, you should always be prepared. Personalization is not something you can do in a snap. You’ll first need data. But worry not – you probably have loads of it already. First, through your subscription or registration process, you’ve probably already gathered first and last names, location, gender… All of those are a good start for your email personalization. You can address people by their first names, making them feel like you’re speaking directly to them, and start personalizing the subject lines and the content of your messages.

Our Templating Language allows you to add specific blocks to your email template, and tailor the content based on different conditions or segments. You can also start segmenting your sendings, targeting specific demographics with different campaigns, like the over 55s or your younger audience, or sending specific content to men and women. Segmentation and personalization really go hand in hand when it comes to email.

Going one step further…

But what your customers really want during this festive period are specific offers, things that they don’t yet know they want, but they are subconsciously dreaming about. And, unless you have some awesome psychic powers (if you do, please tweet us all about them), you can’t just guess randomly.

So we’ve come up with some solutions. One of them is using the services of predictive marketing solutions, just like Boomtrain. This way, after analyzing the purchase history and the behavior of your users, the system is able to automatically recommend products that your customers might be interested in. Yeah, just like Netflix does.

All kinds of personalization here. It can’t get better than Netflix.

Another option is to send a survey out before the holiday season, asking customers about that extra information you didn’t get during the signup process (maybe you missed out on asking about their location and now want to promote your stores in different cities?) or allowing them to choose the kind of offers they wish to receive (will they be shopping for children this Christmas?). This will enable you to tailor the content you send to them better, and to segment your list based on demographical data and preferences.

We also love automation as a way to send one-to-one emails, at a mass scale. With automation, you can target your VIP and loyal customers to send them special offers when they make a certain number of purchases, or target inactive contacts with re-engagement campaigns. Instead of emailing mass campaigns, automation enables you to speak to your clients as individuals.

We know you want to showcase your seasonal items, what’s new and what you think will be trendy on your customers’ wishlist, but personalization is not just something to use during the Holiday Season. It’s something you can apply anytime. After all, purchases and temptations are not limited to this time of the year…

Do you already personalize your campaigns? Have you tried any of our ideas? Tell us all about your experience or let us know what you’re planning for this Holiday Season on Twitter, using the hasthag #MailjetGetsPersonal.


Want to define your email strategy to win customers over this holiday season? Check out Mailjet’s Ultimate Guide To Holiday Emailing.

Holiday Emailing Guide


Email Campaign Examples That Rocked The Holiday Season

Brands That Rocked The Holiday Season


There’s no better way to draw inspiration for your holiday email campaigns than to look at what others have done well and learn from their success. From original ideas to all time classics, designing an email is as much about creativity as it is about applying some well-known principles.

In our Brands Who Rocked The Holiday Season guide, we’ve broken down how some top brands create eye-catching designs consumers can’t resist. Explore the anatomy of each of these winning campaigns, and learn how to build the right design for your goals – from driving engagement to sales and conversion.

‘Brands That Rocked The Holiday Season’ is an extract of Mailjet’s Ultimate Guide To Holiday Emailing. Download the full guide now and win the battle of the inbox this holiday season!

Designing Beautiful Holiday Emails

Designing Beautiful Holiday Emails

Designing your email is just one of the challenges you face when trying to create stunning campaigns that will stand out and drive your sales this Holiday Season. But what a challenge it is. With more than half of emails being opened on mobile and new devices and screen sizes in constant development, getting email design right is essential to ensure the success of your campaigns.

We’ve asked some of our designer friends to give us their advice and favourite tools to help you master the art of crafting the perfect festive campaign. Discover top tips by our friends from Litmus, 99Designs and Stocksy United, and check out our list of recommended tools.

‘Designing Beautiful Holiday Emails’ is an extract of Mailjet’s Ultimate Guide To Holiday Emailing. Download the full guide now and win the battle of the inbox this holiday season!

Killer Email Marketing Tips To Increase Online Holiday Sales

For any business, the holiday season is the time when you’ll see an increase in sales for the year. When the peak season is soon arriving you want to make sure your customers and visitors know about any annual sale you have on offer, so they can prepare themselves to either save their money, or to purchase the items when they first become available. However, if you had a slow profit period last holiday season and you want to increase your ROI this time around, then here’s an expert guide on the killer email marketing campaign tips you can use to increase your holiday sales. Let’s take a look now.

Want to define your email strategy to win customers over this holiday season? Check out Mailjet’s Holiday Email Toolkit.

Best Ways To Generate More Holiday Sales

Create A Holiday Mailing List

When the holiday season is fast approaching you want to make sure you target your email campaign to the right people who are actually interested in what you have to offer. In order to do this, you can do one of two things.

  1. Setting up an email sign-up form on your website for people to specifically fill out if they wish to receive holiday sale updates.
  2. Emailing your recipients in your current email list asking them if they would like to be a part of the exclusive member’s sales.

When designing the templates for these new forms and/or campaigns, it’s important that you create one specifically for the holiday that’s about to come around. Christmas should have Christmas themed signup forms, same goes with Thanksgiving and any other type of holiday.

Making your form template match your sales sign-up pitch will help your subscribers relate better with the holiday season and will also trigger emotions that will make them want to sign up for these upcoming sales. Having a separate email list for your sales enthusiasts will work in your favor because you’ll be able to target your marketing efforts more directly to the people who are interested and who are more likely to buy something from you.

email marketing tips


Integrate Social Media Channels Within Your Emails

Another thing to consider to help increase holiday sales is adding your social media channels to your emails. Social media channel links allow your email recipients to share the exciting news of upcoming sales with their friends and family. This in turn will spread throughout their existing friends and their friend’s, friends. Similar to a chain reaction effect, it can help to generate more exposure to your business and holiday sales, thus leading to an increase in sales over all. Some of the major social media channels to target for the best results include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Before doing this, however, it’s important that you update any social media profiles with the current holiday photos, sales links, and any relevant videos or details to make your customers relate to what they’ve read in the email. This will give the best effect and give your visitors more incentive to be a part of the upcoming holiday sale period.

As you can see in the screenshot below, this email features links to different social media sites. Doing this with your holiday emails can help to boost sales and business exposure.

social media links


Give Your Readers Email Specific Holiday Rewards

While setting up your holiday email campaign, a great way to increase your sales is by providing your customers with an incentive to buy something. A way to do this is by wowing your email recipients with specific holiday rewards that can only be claimed when clicking through and purchasing something from the email that was sent to them.

The reward should be something unexpected. Something that your subscribers must have. It could be the offer of buying something half price, getting something else free, or receiving gift vouchers to certain places that would interest them. They will also feel more important to your business if the offer is an email only exclusive. This sense of exclusivity will make them want to purchase, thus increasing your holiday sales.



Make Your Email Campaign For Mobile Users Too

If you haven’t done so already, it’s important to create your holiday emails for mobile users as well. Mobile phones have overtaken computers in the device type that people use to open their emails. If you’re holiday related emails aren’t optimized for mobile, then you can lose a lot of sales from this alone.

Optimizing your email campaign for mobile users allows them to view your emails easily on the screen size they have. This is important if you want them to have the full effect of what you’re offering without them becoming frustrated having to zoom in and out of your email to view it properly. Drag and drop email editors, like Mailjet’s Passport, are the easiest way to design mobile friendly templates that render properly on any size screen, without the hassle of coding responsive emails.

Another thing to remember when designing the layout of your holidays sales email is that mobile users use their thumbs more than other fingers. When designing your email, think about how you would position the call to action and other links for easy clicking. By making your email user friendly and easy to read, you have the potential to increase your holiday sales significantly, as mobile users can be more spontaneous and make a purchase anywhere, as long as they have their mobile with them.




Creating a powerful email marketing campaign is knowing which areas you should target that would get the most engagement from your email audience. By taking the time to address the key areas above and implementing them immediately, you have a higher chance of gaining more sales this year. So are you ready to increase your profits and ROI this coming holiday season?


Want to define your email strategy to win customers over this holiday season? Check out Mailjet’s Ultimate Guide To Holiday Emailing.

Holiday Emailing Guide


Team Trump Wins Campaign Email Battle As Clinton Misses Her Mark

Personalised messages and a clear call to action expose Trump’s recipe for success among small donors

  • Trump campaign emails outperform the Clinton campaign by 12.9 points to 11.0 across six separate marketing parameters
  • However, with a possible 27 points up for grabs, low scores across the board indicate a huge missed opportunity for both nominees
  • Both campaigns showed poor personalisation, poor design and cross device compatibility

Presidential Scorecard