Mailjet #BizHeroes Twitter Recap

We recently had the pleasure of taking part in the weekly #BizHeroes Twitter chat powered by Paper.Li. Our very own Jeremy Viault represented the Mailjet team in the chat surrounding the topic of email marketing.

It was a chat full of funny insights into Jeremy’s love for biking and emails as well as tons of gems delivered by Jeremy and the rest of the people taking part in the chat.

Here’s a few moments from the Twitter Chat that we know you’ll enjoy:

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Mailjet Becomes The First EU Data Compliant Email Service on Google Cloud Platform

Brace yourselves, Devs. As of today, Mailjet just became the first EU data compliant email service provider available from Google Cloud Platform. High five! With a global network being one of the key features of Google Cloud Platform, Mailjet and its 360° global emailing solution further support Google’s globally-focused clients.


What’s Google Cloud Platform Again?

Google Cloud Platform is one of the world’s major cloud infrastructures. It’s a set of modular cloud-based services that allow you to create anything from simple websites to complex applications. Customers commonly use Google Cloud Platform products to implement solutions such as Cloud Apps (mobile apps, social apps), Cloud Storage (high-end backup and recovery), Large-Scale Computing (batch processing, data processing) and Big Data (trend detection, BI dashboards).


Got it. So how does Google Cloud Platform work with Mailjet?

Within Google Cloud Platform, Mailjet is available from Google App Engine (for building web and mobile apps) and Google Compute Engine (virtual machines). This means that developers using these products can now take advantage of Mailjet’s REST API, SMTP relay and optimized deliverability to send and receive timely messages and alerts, conduct email marketing automation, parse inbound traffic, and track email events in real-time.


Very cool. So, What’s in It for Me?

Developers and enterprise clients using Google Cloud Platform will have access to a globally-focused email service provider and, for the first time, one that is EU data compliant. By providing a scalable, turn-key email infrastructure and deliverability service, Mailjet lets IT teams and developers concentrate on their core product instead of the complexities of email sending. For Mailjet users considering using Google Cloud Platform, you can rest assured that Mailjet is fully available from this service. You can also try Google Cloud Platform for free, here.


Need more information or want to dive in and get started? Here are all the details of our integration.

As always, we love feedback! Drop us a message at with any questions thoughts, comments, suggestions on the partnership or just to say hi. <3

Let’s Recap Before Take Off: Gartner Digital Marketing Conference 2015

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, being up-to-date with the latest trends is one of those unspoken vows we make as marketers upon joining the profession. Sometimes being ahead of the game means endless reading, others it’s is as easy as listening to industry leaders and inspirational speakers unveil the secrets to rocking the digital world. Last week we took a look at some of the trends and Hot Topics for 2016.

Year after year the Digital Marketing Conference hosts an amazing panel of Gartner experts and top speakers from some of the most creative and interesting marketing teams. Providing insight on the top trends in the digital marketing world, this year is no different.

As the annual Gartner Digital Marketing Conference fast approaches, we thought we’d take a look back at last year’s event to get everyone as psyched up as we are about this year’s conference. Here are some of the top names that inspired us in 2015.



The shoe company is but no means a newcomer. In fact, it’s celebrating its 50th birthday this year, so its position as industry leader in the digital world is not only a tale about its outstanding marketing strategy, but also about how successfully Vans has been at adapting its whole business model to the digital revolution – no wonder the company was invited to speak at the Accelerating Your Digital Journey session.

Vans has always put emotions at its core, but the revolution that took place in its marketing strategy turned the shoe company from regional competitor to world leader. One of its latest success stories is The House of Vans – one of the best examples of experiential marketing, which has helped reinforce the brand’s links with the skater community all around the world.


Alaska Airlines

Also involved in the Accelerating Your Digital Journey session was Alaska Airlines, who has been leading the digital revolution in the airline industry since the very beginning. They were the first ones to introduce online booking, web check-in and online bag-tags, and they have strongly transitioned into the mobile-dominated landscape, with award-winning apps for tablets and smartphones. Alaska Airlines philosophy is ultimately to make flying as easy as possible, aiming to become the simplest airline to fly with.


The North Face

Outdoors is not something that easy to sell. It’s more than a concept or a product, it’s an experience, and experiences are all about emotions. The North Face has learnt where and how to connect with its customers, focusing on developing a love for the brand rather than overselling its products.

With a strong social media presence (especially on Instagram) and a strategy based on connecting with customers, The North Face has developed a very close relationship with its target audience, which they spoke about at the Turning Loyalty Into Advocacy session last year.



Razorfish has been included as a leading Global Digital Marketing Agency in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the fourth consecutive year. This time, their constant strive to understand the changes in the digital world and teach companies how to adapt their business models have allowed them to widen the gap between their direct competitors.

Razorfish’s main focus is to remain ahead of the trends in the digital world, to be able to lead companies like Microsoft in their marketing efforts, something they discussed during the How To Source For Digital Marketing Success panel.


This year, the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference 2016 will be held in San Diego between the 17th and 19th May, and Mailjet will be among other industry leaders sharing ideas and getting up to speed with the latest trends in the digital world.

You’re going to be around? Come to booth 413 and say hi!

Can’t go but don’t want to miss out on all the action? Don’t forget to keep an eye on our blog and social media platforms!


Mailjet Takes Flight At Gartner Digital Marketing Conference 2016

Gartner Digital Marketing Conference 2016 is just around the corner and at Mailjet we’ve decided it’s time to step up and join the big leagues at this year’s event. The Gartner Conference is a great opportunity for industry leaders and experts to discuss the current trends that rule the digital world.

With Moment Marketing becoming the next big thing, at Mailjet, we always strive to provide our clients with the best possible tool with which to deliver great campaigns, to reach their subscribers with the right message, at the right time. We’ve gained some valuable industry knowledge over the years and we’re really eager to share it with the best companies and brands out there and get them excited with new ways to improve their email marketing strategies.

Every year at the Gartner Conference, speakers and attendees dig into the Digital Marketing Hot Topics. Have a look at some of these Gartner’s Hot Topics 2016 and learn why this year, instead of watching the action from the sidelines, we’ve decided we’re ready to make our Gartner debut and show the world everything that Mailjet can bring to the table!


1. Customer Experience Design

Marketing is all about understanding the needs of the customer. Creating a well-rounded customer experience, in which every digital tool and platform plays a key role to communicate a consistent message, is essential to build a strong relationship with our client.

Many ESPs have come to realize what Mailjet had foreseen since its inception: every message, be it a marketing campaign or a transactional email, needs to be part of one single communication. Looking at the customer lifecycle as a whole is vital to provide the best possible experience for your clients.

Here at Mailjet, our all-in-one platform for all email needs has been leading the way for a long time, with most email service providers moving towards this approach, and our soon-to-be-released automation tool will help our users go one step further in creating the best possible customer experience for their clients.


2. Data Driven Marketing

Data is a powerful ally for calculating ROI, but also to learn when and how to best communicate with our customers. Data is our way of measuring how successful our marketing efforts are and allows us to communicate with our users in a way that’s contextually relevant to them.

Data should always be at the core of any powerful email marketing strategy and at Mailjet we’ve got a fantastic suite of premium features to ensure our users make the most of all the data we have available for them. We believe our Segmentation function, our A/X testing and our Campaign Comparison help us lead the way when it comes to data driven marketing and we can’t wait to show everyone at Gartner how a smart use of stats can help companies design campaigns that speak to their customers in the most effective way.


3. Multichannel Marketing

One message, multiple channels. Limiting communications to a single platform is not enough anymore. Nowadays, by not being active on one or more of these tools, companies could be missing out on many potential customers and revenue.

Even though the digital landscape is filled with new platforms, email has been able to maintain its leading position as the best digital channel for ROI. At Mailjet, we are aware that email is constantly changing and we are continuously looking for new ways for our customers to improve their email communications, enabling them to send a coherent message that speaks directly to their clients, across both marketing and transactional emails. Our open APIs also allow companies to integrate their accounts with tools that specialize in other marketing mediums, to support and leverage their multichannel efforts.


4. Content Marketing

Clients and prospect have wised-up and will not fall for salesy messages and fancy banners anymore. With so much noise in our customer’s social media feeds and inboxes, the fight for their attention is becoming tougher. High quality content that offers value and that our readers can engage with is becoming increasingly important in any marketing strategy.

Sending users a set of triggered emails with useful tips upon signing up to our services, or emailing them tailored messages with recommendations based on their latest purchases are just examples of how to engage customers and strengthen our relationship with them through high quality email content they really want to digest. As email experts, at Mailjet we have our fair share of great ideas we can’t wait to tell everyone about!


We’re thrilled to be joining the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference in a few days and are eager to discuss everything email-related with some of the best players in the digital world!

Will you be there? Come to booth 413 and say hi!

Not going but still eager to learn more about Gartner and the latest digital marketing trends? Keep an eye on our blog and social media platforms!



Stop Playing Hard-To-Get with Facebook Lead Ads

So, your newsletter subscription form is embedded on your website. Which essentially means that subscribers need to come to it. But what if, instead of playing hard to get, your newsletter subscription form could come… to your subscribers instead? This is exactly what Facebook Lead Ads lets you do: gain new subscribers by putting your newsletter subscription right in front of your target audience.


So, what exactly are Facebook Lead Ads?

Essentially, Lead Ads are regular looking Facebook Ads that, when tapped on, instantly display a form whose fields are pre-populated with the information that the person has shared with Facebook: email address, phone number etc.. The person reviews the information (and modifies if necessary) and then, in a total of 2 taps, they’ve successfully signed up to receive the price estimate, product demo, or newsletter (wink wink) being offered.


Not bad, but sell me a little more on it.

OK, we get that online forms might not have made you fall off your chair, but Lead Ads are actually a pretty cool opportunity to proactively find people interested in your newsletter and get them to sign up on the spot. Plus, these ads are highly adapted to smartphone viewing format. Facebook says that normal online forms can take 38.5% longer to complete than desktop versions, so Lead Ads can actually make the connection and signup process between you and your customers faster and smoother.


Image: Adweek


Cool. And how do I use Facebook Lead Ads with Mailjet?

First, start by creating the Lead Ad itself in your Facebook ads account. Do make sure that the fields in your Lead Ads match those within your Mailjet contact list so that the data you’re collecting is easily synced into the correct fields. From here, the power of Zapier comes in. Zapier let’s you connect the apps you love with 500+ other apps. We’ve actually already set up this Facebook x Mailjet Zap for you (because who doesn’t like taking less time to do things?) and you can find it here. In a few simple steps you will choose the Facebook Page from which you will conduct Lead Ads and the Mailjet list you want the new subscribers added into, and voila! Subscriber sync has begun. Here’s an example of how this looks in Zapier:


Ready for Take Off?

Here’s direct access to the Zap. Craving more info about Facebook Lead Ads? It’s all here. New to Zapier? Here’s all the info you need.


8 Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing Automation

Listen, the facts speak for themselves when it comes to email; it’s here to stay and it’s only getting better. Traditionally email marketing is broken down into two things, you have newsletters and email blasts.

That’s stuff of the old! It’s time for your business to step your game up and move into the future. I’m talking about email marketing automation. “But Chris, what exactly is email marketing automation and how does it work? 

Great question, I’m glad you asked!

In a nutshell, email marketing automation is a set of prompts that are triggered when your subscriber takes a certain action. Instead of having to do these things by hand, you can create whole campaigns to run automatically. This gives you more time to create funny faces on your Snapchat videos.

But remember, “With great power comes great responsibility.” And that’s why we put together this video of 8 do’s and don’ts of email marketing automation.



May the 4th Be With You – Emailing and the Star Wars Universe

Even though the action of the Star Wars movies and the Expanded Universe is supposed to happen a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (where guys like Ray Tomlinson have close to zero chance of existing), email is a thing. Oh yeah, it is. Trust us. We checked the Star Wars wikia (wonderfully named Wookieepedia) to find confirmation of this. Though, in worlds where you can find Electro-whips or Mechno-Arms, you’d expect a system that allows people to exchange digital messages through various networks to be a done deal, wouldn’t you?


All right, Chewie, let’s go!

Cool! So why don’t they use email more often? It’s a super convenient way to communicate!

Believe us, we don’t know either. With the high level technologies displayed by the different nations and races in the Star Wars Universe, you would think that sending electronic messages is as common as drinking blue milk on a nice Tatooinian afternoon. We know for a fact that droids communicate using binary code. We also know that computers and networks are widespread tools in the Universe. So, come on, we’ve got everything here for some good, proper email communication.

But the thing is, we think this with our little Earthling minds, which aren’t able (yet!) to travel through space at light speed or to establish civilizations light years away from our planet. Because once you start expanding the borders of your empire beyond the known universe, communicating through wavelenghts (we’re not even talking about landlines, let’s be serious here, please) is not that simple.

Firstly, because, like any kind of wave, frequencies used to communicate will disperse if they are left indefinitely in wide space. Providing good, stable and clear communication between two planets or two systems becomes quite challenging. At some point, you’d have to agree that using message carriers (like R2D2 and C3PO in A New Hope – more on that later) is more practical and reliable.


When email is not enough, go with droids and holograms.

Then, you have to deal with all the background noise generated by the different spacewaves crossing the universe, which can alter the channel you are using and degrade the message. You can see it with some of the holographic communications that the Empire sends: they can be pretty lousy sometimes. Why? Because of the background noise.

By now, you’ve probably understood that email is better as a short (let’s say, one planet only) range communication system rather than something practical over space.

But since we love email and we’d be honored to power the Rebel Alliance’s campaigns (can you imagine?), we’ve come up with two possible (yet challenging) solutions:

  • Drag gigantic landlines through space to connect – digitally – the different planets and systems of the Universe. The only issue here is that the space, as wide as it is, would be filled with cables and wires, which are difficult to spot when travelling at light speed (yeah, it could be dangerous).
  • Get relay satellites all over space. This way, the short range issue won’t be a problem anymore, each satellite being close enough to another to distribute your email efficiently. Though, once again, it would lead to an overcrowded space. Plus, with all the money spent to build and launch those satellites, we co uld build a third Death Star. So yeah, the Empire needs these ressources. Priorities, people. Priorities!


The danger of landlines through space: an illustration.

So that might be why engineers in the Star Wars Universe just dropped the idea of emails sent over space and preferred to send droids carrying holographic messages.

That’s too sad… Emails could have really helped the Rebels…

We know. It is sad. Email would have been a great way to solve some of the many tricky situations the characters put themselves in.

For example, Watto could have sent Anakin an email to tell him that Shmi, his mother, had been freed, got married, and had eventually been abducted. Anakin would have also been able to get in touch with his new step-father. This way, he could have reached Tatooine way before having that weird dream of his, which led him to arrive in his home planet only to find his mother dying, and got him dragged over to the dark side of the Force.


What a beautiful mother/son relationship they had.

Same goes for Leia, when trying to get in touch with Obi-Wan Kenobi at the beginning of A New Hope. Instead of sending two droids to a desertic and dusty planet in the middle of nowhere, with all the problems that involved (soldiers of the Empire looking for them, smugglers trying to buy them, sand in their articulations…), a secured email communication would have been way more efficient and would’ve given the Rebels plenty of time to organize their attack.

Email would have also spiced other things up throughout the films:: Darth Vader sending Luke a “Guess who’s your father…” e-card, Obi-Wan scheduling a post-mortem message to Luke with Dagobah’s (Yoda’s planet) precise location, Anakin BCCing the Jedi Council in all his private conversations with Palpatine…


What a beautiful father/son relationship they could have had.

Life in the universe would have been easier and more peaceful. But it would have killed all the drama, though.

MJML Gets Its Own Desktop App


Some time ago, we released MJML, the only framework that makes responsive emails easy.

The tool, that came with a command line interface, a Node.js library and a try-it-live page on its official website, received a lots of love from the email community on Reddit, Product Hunt and Github and still continues to grow up with new features in each release.

Because we want to make MJML easy to use for everyone, we decided to launch a local editor, so even non-developers can use MJML on their computer.

The MJML app comes with a list of templates ready to use in a single click and a customizable live editor for you to play around with and manage your transactional and marketing emails. It is free to download and available for OSX, Linux and Windows.



With the MJML app, your email workflow will improve dramatically.

The app comes with a gallery of templates that you are free to use, or you can create new ones from scratch and save them for future uses. Once you’re happy with your template, you can also export it as a Github Gist. If you want to see what the email looks like in your inbox, you can send a test directly from the app, leveraging the Mailjet API.


The editor is blazingly fast and mirrors your changes as you type, to automatically update the live preview on the right.

The icing on the cake is that, because it runs locally, the app even works when you’re offline!

Email coding has never been so easy and fun.



MJML App is also an open source project, and all contributions are welcomed! It is a great project for you to join the open source community.

If you want to add any new features, feel free to create a pull request. If it doesn’t break anything, it will be merged in most cases!

You can’t wait to try it, we know. Head over here and check it out, once you’ve tried the MJML app you won’t want to code anywhere else.