Our Logo

We are very proud of our logo, and we require that you follow these guidelines to ensure it always looks its best. Our logo is a distinct and thoughtful representation of who we are, composed of a pictogram (miniature paper plane) and wordmark (the word ‘Mailjet’). The paper plane conveys speed and adaptability. The wordmark’s straight lines convey both modern design and reliability.

Download Mailjet's logo

Our Colors

A big part of who Mailjet is gets reflected through our colors. Colors also help us organize information and highlight calls to action for our audience. We want to make the entire email experience as easy and pleasurable as possible meaning the look and feel of Mailjet needs to be pleasing too.

Our Font

Typography is one of the ways we communicate with our audiences. It gives personality and clarity to each word we write, working in compliment with our color palette. Roboto is our primary typeface. This font is simple, modern, and relatable, as well as legible at varying font sizes.

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Mailjet is ONE word.
With a capital M and a small ‘j’.

Never write: MailJet or Mail Jet.